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application insights Application Insights
azure active directory Azure Active Directory
devops Azure DevOps
cost management Cost Management
security center Security Center
azure blob storage Azure Blob Storage
azure data factory Azure Data Factory
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azure sql Azure SQL
ping Ping
ns lookup NS Lookup

Exceptions happen.

Get notified about critical events!

It's important to know them instantly and act on them. Set up notifications to any channel you prefer.

AzureRobot is a service that continuously checks your Azure resources and Azure applications and sends status reports to your Slack or Teams channels. It helps the Development and DevOps teams to stay on top of your Azure resources and applications.

Monitor Types

  • Application Insights

    Get metrics about your Azure application from Application Insights. These metrics include: requests count, users count, page views count, exceptions count, sessions count and many more.

    Get events related to your Azure application from Application Insights. These events include: exceptions, traces, page views and requests.

  • Azure Active Directory

    Get notified about your Azure AD App Registrations which have secrets that are close to expiration time. You can prevent product failures by renewing your secrets before they expire and cause downtime.

  • Azure DevOps

    Get notified about your Azure DevOps pipelines when they fail or complete successfully.

  • Cost Management

    Azure subscriptions may contain resources which may burn your budget. Get notified when the cost of your subscription exceeds a threshold that you define.

  • Security Center

    Get periodic reports about your subscription's Secure Score. In addition you will be notified about any Security Alerts and Recommendations.

  • Ping

    You can define a ping monitor which will periodically ping a host that you specify and notify you when ping fails.

  • NSLookup

    You can define an nslookup monitor which will periodically execute nslookup for a target host name. You will be notified when nslookup fails to resolve the host name.

Features Free Trial Professional Enterprise
Get periodic Azure Application Insights metrics and events
Get Azure Active Directory secret expiration notifications
Get Azure DevOps pipeline completion notifications
Get Azure subscription cost notifications
Get Azure subscription security center notifications
Get Ping notifications
Get NS Lookup notifications
Get reports in your Slack channel
Get reports in your Microsoft Teams channel
Keep monitoring for more than 30 days
Custom monitor types



  • What is AzureRobot?

    AzureRobot is a service that helps you stay on top of your Azure applications. AzureRobot continously checks your Azure applications and sends status reports to your Slack or Teams channels. This way, the development and devops teams are aware of all the exceptions or performance problems so they can act quickly to fix them.

  • What types of integrations are supported?

    Currently, only applications that run on Microsoft Azure are supported.

  • What types of integrations are supported?

    Currently AzureRobot integrates your status reports with Slack, Microsoft Teams and Email.

  • Is AzureRobot going to support other integration options?

    If you need to integrate your application with other communication platforms, please let us know. We will consider developing support for it.

  • Do I need a credit card to sign up?

    No, you can register right away. This will start a 30 day FREE trial plan. Once the trial period ends, you will have the option to continue with the Professional Plan. Also, for discount pricing, please contact us about the Enterprise Plan.


Free Trial

No credit card required
  • Try AzureRobot for 30 days


/ month per app
  • Azure Application Insights & Slack integration
  • Azure Application Insights & Teams integration


Need custom features or custom monitors?
Contact us for a special offer.
  • Custom number of monitors
  • Custom check intervals
  • Custom integrations


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